Purification & Separations with MIPs


The use of polymers for separation and purification is well established, especially for small molecules.

To some extent this is what the old style monolithic MIPs did best. At MIP Diagnostics we have made further advances with novel forms of MIPs and process to generate them. Some of our polymers have been used to purify a range of targets including: 

  • (S)-Citalopram
  • Amiodarone
  • Salbutamol
  • 4-ethyl phenol
  • (+)-(S)-desmethylcitalopram and (+)-(S)-didesmethylcitalopram
  • Melamine

We can also use nanoMIPs to enable the selective removal of sub-cellular targets such as bacteriophage or viruses from water to make drinking water safe for consumption.

If you would like more information about polymers, including nanoMIPs, for purification and separation purposes please contact us at enquiries@mip-dx.com