Sergey Piletsky is a Professor of Bioanalytical Chemistry at University of Leicester and Head of Leicester Biotechnology Group.

Having developed new methods for the automated synthesis of MIP nanoparticles compatible with industrial manufacturing processes, Sergey championed the creation of MIP Diagnostics Ltd in order to commercialise this remarkable technology. MIPs are stable to extremes of temperature, pH, pressure and organic solvents and therefore much more robust than their biological counterparts (antibodies, enzymes etc.).

MIPs have applications in diagnostics (sensors and assays), in separations, in catalysis and as biologically active species. Sergey's expertise has been built up over 25 years, and maintained through links with numerous companies from across the globe, engaged in the manufacture of diagnostic devices and polymers. His group has modern state-of-art facilities required for polymer research including computational modules, a range of HPLC, HPLC-MS-MS, NMR, ESR, AFM, and other analytical instruments and sensor platforms such as conductometric, electrochemical, QCM and optical (Biacore 3000).

Prof. Piletsky supervised work of numerous MSc and PhD students and published over 270 peer-reviewed papers and patent applications. Prof. Piletsky is Visiting Professor in Jinan and Huazhong Universities, China, Toulon University, France, member of Editorial Board of ACS Combinatorial Sciences, Scientific Board of Society of Molecular Imprinting, Fellow of the Society of Biology, Secretary General of the International Union of Advanced Materials.