A novel alternative for ELISA assay based on fluorescent nanoMIPs

We are happy to present a novel and fully abiotic assay format (MINA) based on biotin-specific fluorescent molecularly imprinted nanoparticles (nanoMIPs). Such fluorescent nanoMIPs can act as both reporter probes and binding agents and can be developed for any molecule of interest: from small entities to peptides and proteins. This is a first report of an assay which, unlike ELISA, requires no washing steps or addition of enzyme substrates, making it more user-friendly.

Work is presented in A Novel Assay Format as an Alternative to ELISA: MINA Test for Biotin and published in ChemNanoMat with contributions made by Joanna Czulak of MIP Diagnostics, alongside colleagues at The University of Leicester and Imperial College London.