MIP Publication - A Novel Assay Format as an Alternative to ELISA: MINA Test for Biotin


In order to make more robust and fully abiotic assays, synthetic alternatives to antibodies and enzymes have been developed, including molecularly imprinted polymer nanoparticles (nanoMIPs). Researchers at Imperial College, London, University of Leicester, Leicester, and MIP Diagnostics Ltd. have recently collaborated on developing a proposed ELISA alternative using biotin specific nanoMIPs as both binders and reporters.

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Lisa Thurston Joins MIP Diagnostics to Support North America Partners


In response to market demands MIP Diagnostics Ltd. is delighted to announce the appointment of Lisa Thurston, MS, MBA as US Sales and Marketing Director to better support our North America partners and build upon our burgeoning international customer base. 

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New Publication – MIPs specific for glycated haemoglobin in competitive pseudo-ELISA assays

Scientists at MIP Diagnostics Ltd., along with researchers at University of Leicester and Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, have successfully developed nanostructured molecularly imprinted polymers (nanoMIPs) with high affinity and high selectivity for glycated haemoglobin. Their findings have recently been published in Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical (IF 6.4)

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Stephane Argivier joins MIP Diagnostics as Chief Licensing Officer


MIP Diagnostics Ltd. is delighted to announce the appointment of Stephane Argivier as Chief Licensing Officer to further support the delivery of our ambitious growth strategy.

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Spotlight On… Stephane Argivier

Our new Chief Licensing Officer


Steohane has just joined MIP Diagnostics as Chief Licensing Officer.

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The potential of nanoMIPs!


Synthesis and Application of Ion‐Imprinted Nanoparticles in Electrochemical Sensors for Copper (II) Determination - article published on Researchgate.net.

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April Newsletter


Read the latest news and updates from MIP Diagnostics in our April newsletter.

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Spotlight On… Alan Thomson

director of diagnostics development AT MIP DIAGNOSTICS


Alan leads our diagnostic development work, with a focus on the in house licensing projects and is our Spotlight On employee this month.

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Nanosight Results


Recent sample results for some in-house nanoMIPs produced against a small (circa 800MW) molecule template using Malvern Nanosight 300 - demonstrating good control over nanoMIP particle size, with very few nanoMIPs bigger or stuck together.

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March Newsletter


Read the latest news and updates from MIP Diagnostics in our March newsletter.

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MIP Diagnostics expand patent portfolio as part of their impressive growth plan


MIP Diagnostics Ltd today announces the grant of a patent for the Preparation of Molecularly Imprinted Polymers by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

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Spotlight On… Dr Joanna Czulak


Introducing another member of our talented team in our Spotlight On feature. This month meet Dr Joanna Czulak.

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Using smart nanopolymers to kill old cells


NanoMIPs developed by MIP Diagnostics in collaboration with the University of Leicester have demonstrated their ability to target senescent cells, both in vitro and vivo. Such nanoMIPs  were made to recognise one of the proteins abundant in on the surface of old cells and then tagged with a fluorescent molecule to aid in their detection. Also, these nanoMIPs were loaded with senolytic drugs and were able to selectively kill senescent cells.

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Most Innovative Biotechnology Firm


We are so pleased to have been awarded 2019's Most Innovative Biotechnology Firm - United Kingdom by CV Magazine's Corporate Excellence Awards!

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February Newsletter


Read the latest news and updates from MIP Diagnostics in our February newsletter.

Article published in Chemical Communications


NanoMIPs to fight bacterial infection in the world of decreasing effectiveness of antibiotics

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Spotlight On - Dr Andy Lakey

senior scientist at MIP diagnostics


Find out more about our exceptional team, in our Spotlight On feature. This month meet Dr Andy Lakey.

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MIP Diagnostics Spotted at SLAS2019



SelectScience editors reflect on the most exciting technologies showcased at the 2019 Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening conference and we are mentioned for our new Epitope Mapping Service.

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MIPs in Space!


MIPs go Stratospheric!

A visit to the stratosphere demonstrates the exceptional robustness of MIPs which retain their function on return to earth. This was debuted at our Seminar in September 2018.

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Paper published in ChemNanoMat


A Novel Assay Format as an Alternative to ELISA: MINA Test for Biotin – Is a published paper in ChemNanoMat with contributions made by Joanna Czulak of MIP Diagnostics, alongside colleagues at The University of Leicester and Imperial College London.

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Paper published in the Journal of Advanced Materials Society


Novel assay format for proteins based on magnetic molecularly imprinted polymer nanoparticles—detection of pepsin is a published paper in the Journal of Chinese Advanced Materials Society, with contributions made by Joanna Czulak, Antonio Guerreiro and Francesco Canfarotta from MIP Diagnostics, alongside colleagues at The University of Leicester.

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MIP Diagnostics Seminar


Join us for a day of presentations, networking, and discussions with key opinion leaders in the field of imprinted polymers and sensors.

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OBN Awards Nomination


MIP Diagnostics are proud to be shortlisted as finalists at the OBN Awards in October.

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Andy Lakey Joins as Senior Scientist


Dr Andrew Lakey brings his experience of developing point of care immunodiagnostics platforms to MIP Diagnostics, as a Senior Scientist.

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New MIP Diagnostics Marketing Material


MIP Diagnostics have produced a new flyer featuring MIP technology and applications.

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New Director of Diagnostics Development


MIP Diagnostics Ltd is pleased to announce that Alan Thomson has joined the company to lead the diagnostics development work.

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Move to Colworth Park


MIP Diagnostics Ltd has moved from the founding laboratory at the University of Leicester, to new labs and offices at Colworth Park in Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire.

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MIP New Investment


A Midlands-based life sciences company which develops ‘plastic antibodies’ has closed a £1.5m Series A funding round supported by Mercia Fund Managers and a number of private investors.

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Jim Reid Appointed Chairman


To further support its plans for expansion, MIP Diagnostics has appointed Jim Reid as chair to provide valuable commercial expertise.

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