Plastic Antibodies

MIP Diagnostics Ltd was founded in 2015 to commercialise various forms of Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIPs), sometimes called "plastic antibodies". 


In particular, we focus on NanoMIPs - nano-structured polymer particles which typically contain a single binding site for their target molecule, and rationally designed polymers (RDPs). NanoMIPs have broad application as affinity reagents in sensing, imaging, purification, analysis and diagnostics. Indeed, they have the potential to displace antibodies in many applications. 

nanoMIPs are prepared via a proprietary imprinting process involving self-assembly of binding monomers around a target molecule – these monomers are then polymerised to generate a ‘chemical receptor’ with high affinity and specificity to the target.

NanoMIPs - Stable and Robust

As chemical polymers nanoMIPs are very stable and robust, have similar affinity and specificity to antibodies, and can be prepared for any target, including: small molecules, proteins, viruses and whole cells. NanoMIPs are also amenable to a wide range of functionalisation, e.g. they can be made magnetic or fluorescent and are therefore easily incorporated into a range of assays and sensors.

Unlike antibodies NanoMIP production does not require use of animals and they have a long shelf life at room temperature.