Dr. Antonio Guerreiro, one of our founders, has recently joined MIP Diagnostics, leaving the University of Leicester where he was a Research Fellow in Chemical Engineering in the Chemistry Department since 2013. His research interests focused mainly on de novo design of functional polymers with molecular recognition properties to be used as a replacement for antibodies.

Antonio completed his PhD at Cranfield University in 2006, after obtaining his MEng in Biotechnology at the University of Algarve in Portugal. In his thesis work he pioneered several techniques for the preparation of molecularly imprinted nanoparticles which would later lead to the invention and development of the solid-phase imprinting method. After finishing his PhD, he worked on the development of biosensors and polymeric adsorbents based on imprinted and rationally designed polymers. Part of this work included the design of new flow-processes for the manufacture of imprinted nanomaterials.

This eventually culminated in the development of the solid-phase imprinting method, for which he shares the original patent with Prof. Sergey Piletsky, at the time at Cranfield University.  In 2013, and with the intention of expanding the range of research and applications of imprinted materials into the biological/biomedical field, he joined the University of Leicester. There, together with Prof. Piletsky and with support from Mercia, they founded MIP Diagnostics Ltd.