Colworth Park, Bedfordshire

Colworth Park, Bedfordshire

MIP Diagnostics Ltd has moved from the founding laboratory at the University of Leicester, to new labs and offices at Colworth Park in Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire.


Colworth Park has been a centre of excellence for industrial research for over 60 years, and has a long history of diagnostics development. 

Being based at Colworth allows MIP Diagnostics to take advantage of the excellent corporate infrastructure that is available at the Park, and allows employees to network with other scientists on site, as well as collaborate with academics from the nearby Oxford, Cambridge, Cranfield, Nottingham and Leicester Universities. 

The move has provided space for on-site chemical synthesis, as well as characterization/application work, and MIP Diagnostics have been setting up their own surface plasma resonance platform to aid their progress.

“It is important to have space for further expansion, given the myriad opportunities presented by our core technology”. Adrian Kinkaid, MIP Diagnostics Ltd CEO.