Applications of MIPs

Watch our videos that look at the benefits of MIPs and potential applications for MIPs.

Nanosight Results

Recent sample results for some in-house nanoMIPs produced against a small (circa 800MW) molecule template using Malvern Nanosight 300 - demonstrating good control over nanoMIP particle size, with very few nanoMIPs bigger or stuck together.

Versatility and Robustness of MIPs as sensors

Another great video with Professor Sergey Piletsky explaining the versatility, robustness and stability of MIPS when used for sensors.

Application of MIPS in the Oil and Gas Industry

Professor Sergey Piletsky talks about the application of MIPs in the Oil and Gas industry. See our related paper that has been published in Chemical Communications.

MIPs as an alternative to antibodies.

Here Sergey Piletsky who is a Professor of Bioanalytical Chemistry at University of Leicester and Head of Leicester Biotechnology Group demonstrates that MIPs can be a alternative to antibodies.

Versatility of MIPs

Interview with Dr Marloes Peeters from Manchester Metropolitan University, talking about the versatility and benefits of working with MIPS, (Molecularly Imprinted Polymers).

Stability and Selectivity of MIPs

Interview with Professor Bo Mattiasson from CapSenze Biosystems AB, talking about the stability and selectivity of MIPs and future applications for MIP’s.