Dr Andrew Lakey brings his experience of developing Point of care immunodiagnostic platformsto MIP Diagnostics, as a Senior Scientist. 

After an undergraduate degree in Applied Science & Forensic Investigation at the University of Teesside, Andy undertook an MSc in nanotechnology & microsystems in order to better understand microfluidics and microfabrication. Following the completion of his MSc he was offered the opportunity to do a PhD in the nano & microsystems group at Teesside, where the focus of his research was the development of label-free immunosensors for point-of-care diagnostics. 

Following his PhD, Andy worked for a company based in Newcastle which specialised in microfabrication for a short period of time, where he was able to further devlop his knowledge and experience with microfabrication techniques. He then worked in the R&D department at Swiss Precision Diagnostics, (SPD) well known for their brand name Clearblue, and during his time here he was involved in a range of projects including proof of concept research as well as product validation and verification.