About Us

What we offer

MIP Diagnostics Limited commercialises many types of Molecular Imprinted Polymers.  We have our own proprietary process for the manufacture of NanoMIPS, which was developed by Sergey Piletsky and Antonio Guerreiro, but we also do manufacture more traditional polymers as well such as bulk MIPs and rationally designed polymers.

We provide this primarily as a custom service/technology access offering, so if you are looking for a MIP for a particular target/application, then we can offer a professional service on a commercial basis.

We also operate a licensing and royalty model, for clients who are looking to commercialise a MIP as an element within a device or test.

Our History

MIP Diagnostics was founded in 2015, and we have been extremely busy from the beginning. This is thanks to the ground work of Sergey and the academic founders for seeking out partnerships with commercial entities and other academic groups in order to commercialise the business.

In 2017, we appointed Jim Reid as Chairman of the Board, and his wealth of knowledge and experience of the diagnostics industry helped us to pull together a plan to raise £1.5 million, later named Series A, which we closed in 2018 with support from Mercia Asset Management and a number of private investors.

This investment enabled us to set up labs on the Colworth site in Sharnbrook and kit them out with the required high tech equipment. We have also increased our head count from four employees to 11 and increasing as we continue to grow rapidly.