nanoMIPs are versatile, robust and highly stable alternatives to antibodies.  


MIPs are prepared using a proprietary imprinting process involving the self-assembly of binding monomers around a target.

Monomers are then polymerised to generate a nanoMIP with a single binding site: a 'synthetic' antibody. Our proprietary technology includes a novel method to produce nanoMIPs which circumvents the drawbacks of traditional MIP manufacturing methods. nanoMIPs have been created to small molecules, metabolites, peptides, proteins, viruses and more. Targets are not limited to those that elicit an immune response; no animals are used in the manufacture of MIPs.


We would be delighted to discuss how to create the best possible MIPs for you. 



The use of polymers for separation and purification is a well established process.

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Our sensors can be easily tuned to target a wide range of compounds including inorganic ions and proteins.

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